Baked pears outside on the barbie

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    I like to take a pear and cut in half and clean out the seeds so you have a nice pocket. Place on a disposable pan and add a pat of butter, salt and lots of pepper to the pear. (Optional ingedients are nuts, a splash of wine or liquor of choice. A good quality rum is really good on here or a tiny bit of vanilla or both.
    Cook on high covered for 10 mins then add a crumble of blue cheese and a splash of honey and balsalmic vinegar. Cook for 5 more minutes and enjoy.
    If I cook this inside I just cook in a buttered small baking dish. If outside on the grill I use a disposable pan. Usually this is kinda juicy but wonderful as a not too sweet dessert. Of course this is really good with a bit of ice cream on top also.
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    My pear trees are loaded this year & picking time will coincide nicely with weather cool enough to grill.

    When it's ungodly hot out I can't stand over a grill : P
  3. I hate Food Network now, but while it was still bearable to watch Bobby Flay had a barbecue on the roof of his place in Manhattan (I think) - he had the Sous Chef from one of his restaurants there helping and did a thing with peaches:

    split and remove the pit
    season with S&P,
    in a 13x9 pay lay a glug of EVO down, then lay down sprigs of fresh rosemary - then lay the peach halves on top of that.
    Put the pan on a hot grill for a few minutes so the EVO/Rosemary react and infuse some of their flavor into each other (and the peach halves)
    Remove from the grill with gloves and let marinate about a half hour
    Then lay peaches face down on a hot grill and cook for about 5 minutes, carefully flip with a spatula and tongs and grill about 2 minutes more

    Then platter attractively, garnish with crumbled stilton and drizzle some of the remaining rosemary infused EVO over everything. Lay the rosemary sprigs attractively around the platter...

    Very good with grilled salmon, some wild rice and of course some festive libation. It was a grand show he did. I wish Food Network was more about cooking and less about how cool their chef personalities are.

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