Balck Ameraucana Chicks Age for gender?


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Aug 27, 2010
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I have 5 Black Ameraucana chicks that are 7 weeks old. At what age cani tell the roosters from the hens? I'll post some pics when i get home this evening.

You should be able to tell now by the comb, but pea combs, especially on BBS birds, can be quite tricky. I always look for the iridescence on blacks, the hawk-face on the boys, and the size/redness on the combs.
You should be able to tell now. Boys have a wider comb and the 3 rows are more prominent. And they should be pink by now too.

ETA: Here are my pure ameraucana girls at just under 6 weeks.



The one in the back corner here had me questioning myself for a while as her comb was wider than the others. But they all are girls.
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Ok so just took these, every one has that blue gren shine. One has a big high tail and i think Roo.

and another

one more

this is the one im sure is a roo
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Ha! These always declare themselves late. We have a black Ameraucana rooster who escaped the Amish Butcher by cackling like a hen. The man picked the cockerel up, said 'This is a pullet!' and sent him back!

Oh well, we like our Robin.
The black females will have the green sheen too. The last one looks like a rooster. The rest I see look like girls. The only one I'd watch is in the first pic on the right. The comb is wide, but not raised yet. Reminds me of my girl that kept me guessing for a while.

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