Bald-bummed leghorn. Am quite confused :/

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    I bought a big black leghorn hen about a month and a half ago. She had been kept in a small pen with a roo and so had a completely bald bum except for a few very long tail feathers. I was just wondering how long it takes for them to grow back. The rest of the girls are moulting so I'm not sure how that is affecting her. I have no idea weather the other girls are picking at her bald spots but she doesn't seem to be injured, also she established herself as the boss chicken almost immediately and now sleeps on the top roost (and kicks my other 7 hens off so they have to cram themselves onto the lower perch. It looks hilarious) [​IMG]

    So anyway my original question. How long does it take for feathers that have been lost due to being mounted by a roo take to grow back?
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    it depends on the bird, but extra protien can do wonders for regrowing feathers...try treating her to sardines, black oil sunflower seeds, and other high protien foods to help her along.

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