Bald bums and very few eggs


9 Years
Aug 10, 2014
Hi there ... been a chicken momma for a few years and after a horrendous fox attack weve a whole new flock that are not acting like our old flock and were a bit stumped

So before Christmas six of our girls started to moult... only around the butt area..fluffy bloomers have gone and the feathers around their tails..but not the tail feathers...
anyway 6 months in and theyre all still bald !!

we also had a big spurt in egg production for about 3 months but lately they've dropped right down again

nothing in their lives has changed.. foods the same ... living quarters is the same...

we had been adding chunks of grassy turf for them to kick about and scratch at and this has dropped of a bit just due to the weather making it difficult to dig any up... could it be as simple as that ?

just wonder if anyone has any thoughts on these subjects and any advise to a relative newbie !!!

many thanks

Could be feather picking, or a protein deficiency. What is the protein content of your feed. I find feeding a ration of 18-22% protein and limiting extra stuff can help to optimize production and prevent deficiencies. Most layer rations are too low in protein for backyard flocks that get extras. You can feed a non medicated starter grower or an All Flock. The extra calcium needs can be met by offering a separate bowl of oyster shells.
yeah im trying to stick to just the layers pellets to make sure they get all the nutrients they need but it still seems a low output.. its a really good brand we use and is recommended by the British Hen Welfare trust so its got a good reputation. just unsure hwo to help with the moult issue...Ive never seen them pecking them and theres no sign of injury on any of them...just a usual moult type thing but we have some anti-peck spay which we can attack them with .. hopefully this will help
thanks again

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