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    well not completley bald... I have about 30 chickens that are around 3 months old mostly mottled cochins then there are some japs and barred rocks all bantam In one of my runs together these are the ones I'm tryin to sale.. These was from 3 different brooders. about 5 of the mottled cochins roosters all have bald backs and some have no tail feathers to very few. They had got picked at in the brooder thats one of the reasons I moved them to a bigger pen however they've been in this new pen for over a month and still bald no signs of blood or anything like the others are still pickin at them nor have I seen them.. what can I do to maybe help with the feathers growing back or put on them so the others don't pick at them, maybe there like youngins they act good while I'm around and once I leave they pick at each other..LOL anyhows any sugestions appreciated???
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    I had two hens that were "balding" for a while. Almost all last summer. When it got cold I was worried that they weren't going to be warm enough but to my suprise they grew their feathers back. I would say to give them some time. They will probably grow back.
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    if the feathers are plucked, it'll take 6 weeks to grow back, but if they are broken (shaft still inside) then you'll have to wait till they moult.
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    some stay bald because it is warm. energy is used to grow instead of making feathers. when they are taken out of the brooder the feathers will fill out.
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    You might try getting them extra protein to help grow the feathers out. If they are still picking at each other, there are a number of products available that you can put on, that taste nasty to the pickers and hopefully will stop them. I use "Rooster Booster". Be carefull, because it stains clothing and it stings on open wounds.
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    Quote:some are just broke, then some are completley plucked. So I've got a ways to go then??... I've got these up for sale I hate for people to see them... I'll take some pic's and post when I get a chance
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    Up their protein intake...that may help. I had to do that when picking started in the new coop. Increasing the protein stopped it.
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    what do ya'll feed to up there protein???
  9. nzpouter

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    dog food, although some prefer cat food.
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    I also give them beans, chopped nuts and was wondering about tofu. Can you give chickens tofu?

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