Bald cockere


In the Brooder
7 Years
Jan 5, 2013
Need advice asap as tonight I need to make some changes !

I cockerel is being attacked by may be one or two of the hens.. why , I havent got a clue. Basically I beleived it to be one hen in particular but it seems there may be a couple of them. His kneck feathers have been plucked literally and his bum feathers are gone too and the area is red and sore looking. He is being treated nightly with lice pwder and vet powder on the sore bits , (advice by the vet) But he looks more like a mutant chicken and I dont know why these hens keeps doing it. They have been together as a group for well over a year no changes and yet they keep doing this to him. He is a good cockerel and generally would lay his life on the line for these hens.
I have to make changes at night as I have no chance of grabbing him during the day as he can be aggressive.
My options are I put him in another smaller pen with two hens and hopefully this does the trick or will I do more harm than good. Any ideas guys xx

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