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A month ago I rehomed 3 ex battery hens. Two were in good condition but one was bald on her neck and her other feathers looked untidy. A month on she looks the same and in fact I think her neck is getting more bald. She has spiky bits sticking out in places and just pink skin which is getting wider. Now spiky sticks and pink skin are on her chest, neck and up to under her chin and her other Feathers are untidy, some curly and not smooth and silky like the other two. I'm new to this and am worrying she isn't growing new feathers yet. I've seen some feathers on the floor of run but have never seen her or other chickens plucking any out. I'm going to try poultry spice as read it can help regrowth. Also read stress can induce the moult? They were stressed when they were reduced and rehomed. They all seem happy, lively, energetic, are eating well. Am I feeding them enough (I've posted another blog on feeding). Could she be deficient in anything? She is smaller than others? Any help or advice welcome as don't know what to do x

Do you have any pictures of it?

Romeo, I recently adopted a hen that may also have come from a battery and who also has very pink skin and missing feathers on her underside. I posted this forum post and got some good responses. I now believe that my hen has ammonia burns from sitting on dirty bedding before she came to me. I hope she'll regrow feathers soon or at her next molt.

Is it possible your hen has the same thing?

Good luck with your new flock!
Chickens really only regrow their main batch of feathers after their molt. You may have to wait quite a while for her to re-grow feathers. Maybe a year if she has already molted this season.
Thanks everyone, I might treat for mites and lice to rule that out although ive not seen any signs. Failing that I will increase protein and calcium and give poultry spice to help the regrowth and just wait. Thanks again for your help.
The fact that your bald-neck hen is undersize may indicate she's low in the pecking order and/or has a timid personality making it difficult for her to hold her own in a flock. I've run into this problem, and the result is an undersize hen who is fearful to eat unless the others actually give her permission. I discovered this when trying to feed a hen like this separately to get more nourishment into her, and she would refuse to eat unless she was with other birds and they would allow her to eat.

I have a naked-neck right now, no not a Turken, who is at the bottom of the pecking order, and along with the others removing her neck and back feathers, she may be picking them out herself because she's under so much stress.

I've yet to stumble onto a solution to this problem, and it's frustrating and heart-breaking.

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