bald spots on roo?

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    I have a roo that has a problem its been going on for a couple months now. it started with one quarter sized bald round spot on each wing, shafts where still there and the skin is off and on, red and inflamed. the one on the right wing has gone away but the one on the left is now about 3-4 by 2 inches long and red and inflamed and just the other day i noticed he now has 3 inch circle under his tail feathers that is bald ,red and inflamed too. Can anyone suggest what may be going on or how to solve this problem. he is with 4 hens and none of them are bald except for there backs ( he has over done it with them big time, i recently doubled the the size of their run to give them more room to escape and get more girls, i"v had a bad year losing 7 in a 3 month span, none from diesase) So can anyone give me any suggestions or help!! THANKYOU
    This is when it first started
    This is before it started, O and he has also lost feathers around the top of the neck on the front side of the neck(throat), again just feather shafts left sticking out, it looks horrible!
    No new feathers have regrown that i have noticed

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    Have you treated for mites/lice?

    The recommended ratio is around one roo to 10 hens, so maybe then hens are just pecking him.

    Hope you get it figured out. This will give you a bump, anyway.

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