Bald spots, teeny tiny yellow bugs and saddles...

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    Feb 5, 2011
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    I am having a terrible time getting my girls bald spots to fill back in. The bald s[pots started with a new young rooster and were perpetuated by the hens themselves. I have had saddles on them for almost three weeks and the feathers were growing back in great under there. Once in a while when peeking to see the progress I would see a teeny tiny yellow bug on a couple of the girls. This was kind of freaking me out so I decided to take off the saddles and let them scratch and clean themselves and since the feathers were just over an inch long, hoped they would not pick at each other. I was wrong. I left them for about an hour and every single girl with new feathers (7 of them) now have complete bald spots again and one is raw and bloody. I am pretty sure it's my white leghorns as they are the only ones I see constantly pecking at the others. I have put all the saddles back on and will leave them but I am really concerned about those little bugs. Any suggestions about them or any of my dilemma would be greatly appreciated.
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    Feb 1, 2011
    Um, mites and lice are white, right? How big are the bugs?
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    They are so tiny you can almost NOT see them. Maybe like the size of a small pinhead or the tip of a ball point pen.
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    Quote:Lice are usually white, but mites (after sucking blood will be red) Both are really small and hard to see
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    Some lice are tannish colored.
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    Can the saddles.

    Go to the feed store and by an aresol bottle of Blue Lotion/Blue Kote. Spray the bald spot; this will keep them from being pecked.

    For the mites, which you do have.

    You can use any of the following:

    Sevin (dust or spray)
    Pyrethrim (spray)
    Malathion (dust or spray)

    I utilize all three on a rotation basis. I like sprays. You spray the vent area and under the wings. Spray on a 3 week rotation.

    You also have mites in your barn now. You need to clean it out and spray. Paint the roost poles with a mixture of burnt motor oil and Malathion. Clean out the nesting boxes and spray them too.

    Let it air out all day before putting the chickens back in. Make sure you have removed the feed and water BEFORE you start spraying.
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    Jul 13, 2015
    will any of the listed items damage the eggs the hens are laying? do these little critters crawl on us as well?

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