BamBam,My EE just layed her first egg today! I am so excited!

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    BamBam, my EE just layed her first egg today. [​IMG] I was so proud of her. [​IMG] BamBam was hatched on April14 and I purchased her when she was 8 weeks old. The egg she layed was a robins egg blue one that was medium in size. Will her eggs get larger as she gets older? What can I expect for a quantity of eggs from her? I also have a RIR named Penny who is the same age as BamBam. They were purchased together. Penny has not started laying yet. I thought she would be first, since her comb has been quite red for weeks now. BamBam only has a pink comb. Go figure! [​IMG]
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    Quote:[​IMG] You're lucky to get a blue egg...good for BamBam!
    My EE's started laying a couple of weeks ago and they lay a small egg and in a another few weeks it should reach a nice size and as for how many ....only time will tell but you should get about 5 or 6 a week but not at the beginning of course.

    maybe Penny is laying in a hidden place?
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    I had thought of that. I looked yesterday and found none. My hens do not free range (too many predators) so they have a small coop (5 X 5 X 6 feet) and their L shaped run, which is 10 X 6 and 10 X 10. I scoured the area yesterday with out luck.
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  4. Congratulations, isn't it fun?!
    My golden comets are laying, almost of all of them have been offering a daily egg, but they're production reds bred eggsactly for that. It's like getting a daily gift from each girl, eight yesterday![​IMG]

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    Watch out you will want more hens. We sell Easter Eggers and it is sad when they all leave;but there are more. Got to love those colored eggs! In general give her 10 days to lay bigger eggs; they usually do unless she is a bantam.
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    Congrats on your first EE egg. I got my first one Saturday. It is like Christmas everyday. Presents.
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    congrats on your first egg [​IMG]
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    Penny, my RIR laid her first egg today! [​IMG] I was worried , when BamBam, who was hatrched the same day laid her first egg before Penny. Penny had been showing all the signs of being ready to lay for weeks now. I thought that she would lay first. She laid her egg one day after BamBam, They laid their first egg at 22 weeks 1 day and 22 weeks and 2 days respectively.
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    Betty, my Black Australorp, laid her first egg today! [​IMG]

    Hooray for our girls!!!! [​IMG]

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