Ban the Polish?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by sepaditty1, Oct 16, 2013.

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    I have 4 itty bitty polish chicks in a brooder waiting to join my flock. My flock consists of 3 RIR Hens, 3 Golden Sexlinks, 1 Orpington hen, 1 Orpington rooster, and 4 bantam orpingtons.

    I read someone's post on here earlier that said something about polish chickens not being able to live with "regular" chickens because they'll get pecked. Is that true? I wasn't really planning on building a second run, but I sure don't want them to be beaten up constantly.

    Anybody here have polish chickens in with their other breeds?
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    Jul 20, 2013
    I have 18 chickens, 6 of those are polish (not counting my 7 "babies"). They do not get picked on at all. Now my one and only little cochin, while she doesn't get picked on she is a loaner, so much so that I went and bought two more bantam babies that are now about 3 months old in hopes that they may hang out with her, but so far they are hanging out with the 4 mystery breeds that we purchased at the same time. I have to say the only ones that are getting picked on at all are the babies, but even then it is just a lot of exercise for them as they run like crazy when one of the big ones come after them!
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    I wish I had not gotten polish chickens. I feel sorry for them. Two of my twelve are polish, and one is a cockeral. While the other birds travel as a flock, the polish are three steps behind. If you try to herd them they walk in circles. That being said, the tiny little girl may be my favorite :D. I walk in front of her and coo and she follows my voice. She is the only one I ever need to pick up, poor soul! As for getting picked on, they are left alone by the hens. She will peck someone who gets too close, especially roosting time! My Easter eggers play nurse to the cockeral, guiding him to the doorways and such. But one of my brahma turned out to be a cockeral, and his favorite hen to rape is the polish. Yesterday he won the fight for supremacy against polish roo who has been hiding all day. Never a dull moment! That being said, all my chicks have been living together since five weeks of age, and the ee's and polish since three days old. Introducing new chicks will be difficult regardless.
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