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    I am wanting to start banding my chicks and then chickens. I've found the numbered and colored ones in appropriate sizes but how easy are they to get on and then off? Is there a tool I need or are they super stretchy and easy to get on and off? Or are the metal ones better?

    I like the idea of the bright different colors and numbers so you can identify somewhat at distance so that is my preference but have never used them before and don't know the upside of either type.

    Any input is appreciated. [​IMG]
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    I am at the same place you are. I am wanting to start banding. I think i am going to use the spiral leg bands for chicks and then go to the snal plastic colored and numbered bands. My firend explained to me tha the plastic bands will just snap together.

    Would love to know everyone else's input.

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    I band all of mine with brightly colored, plastic spiral bands. Quick to put on/take off. Easy to see even at a distance.
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    We had to get bands when we took our chickens to a show. The gentleman suggested the plastic ones. He said usually you pick a color for each year and then the # to identify the individual chicken.

    When you band chickens you need to check and make sure they are not too tight and such. Especially if they get put on young chickens. One of my daughters bantam roosters started growing its spurs (the band is suppose to be on the top of the spur), well it got stuck under, and the plastic band actually went into his leg. Gross but he is almost better, limps a little bit still.

    Bands are really helpful for identifing.
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    Last year I got some bands customized with a name and stuff on them but they forgot to number them so be extremely specific if you do go this route. I got the metal ones with three holes in them for different sizes and if I were you I would dry to go a different route just because they dont stay round and dont look nearly as nice as butt-end bands which can also be customize! I don't really know much about the plastic bands because when I was looking for bands I didn't even think about them for some reason [​IMG] I know with all metal bands you do need a pair of pliars or a tool that looks kind of like pliars but I don't think that you do for the plastic bands.
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    Sorry to do this piece by piece...but my computer does not seem to want me to take too long typing in a respons...if I take too long, my computer boots me off the internet w/a script error...whatever that is!

    One chicken wearing the spiral band:


    and another:

    and one last one for good measure...
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