Banding quail/ outdoor age/ dust with chicks

Dan Clark

Jul 20, 2020
Going to use zip ties for quail so I can tell different generations of quail for butchering since they are all in one large hutch. I don’t know what size zip ties to buy and when to band my chicks. I assume the ones I had hatch 3 days ago are still a tad young.

Also as long as it’s nice out can I put birds outside when there big enough not to fall between the holes in the wire floor? Or do i have to wait till there fully feathered? Just wondering because pew they stink!

i noticed that some of the baby chicks are trying to roll on newspaper should I put a small dish of dust in there for them? Or are they too young and it will hurt them?


In the Brooder
Jul 4, 2020
The South!
I use zip ties once they're about 4 weeks old and put them on a little loose so I never have to change them. Just get the smallest size you can, I think mine are like 2-3 in long. I put the little ones in with the big birds (in the quarantine side) when they're 2 weeks old. It's so hot where I am that I moved them over a little earlier this round. Theyre on wire so I put down a flooring because it's so tough on their little baby feet. I would hold on the dust bath until they are older so they dont confuse it with their food. It is so cute to see them try to bathe though! Good luck with your chicks!

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