Bandit is looking for a home to take on his special needs

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    Nov 6, 2014

    I picked up this rooster at a poultry swap last month. I felt bad for him when I found out he was horribly skinny. I took him home in the hopes of getting him back up to health and finding him a forever home.

    I spent $300+ on vet bills to treat for roundworms, and high coccodia levels. After treating all of this, I sent off blood samples to be tested for respiratory stuff. Sadly Bandit has tested Positive for MG. But I am told this isn't a death sentence for him. There is treatments out there that can allow him to have a happy life. I also spoke with a lady earlier who said one out of her 5 hens tested positive for MG, but she treated it when any episodes of this came up. Even after the hen passed away, non of her other chickens ever got this disease.
    MG is a respiratory disease that cant be cured, but can be treated. Sadly the bird is a carrier and it can spread.

    Bandit is a great bird overall. He is sweet, loving, and all he wants is to perch on your arm at the end of the day. He has been nothing but loving.

    I sadly cant keep him as I live with my dad right now and he isn't happy about the two current house Hens I have at the moment. But I know somewhere out there, Bandit has a forever home waiting for him.

    I would love to see him go to a home where he would be either the only bird, or house with one or two other birds. Or even to a flock that is already MG positive. He does need to be in an enclosed coop and run, as he is part silkie so he has the top hat feathers so he cant see up very well.

    He doesn't deserve to be put down, he just doesn't. He is so sweet, so kind, so loving and I cant bare the thought of ending his life when its barely just begun.

    Please, if anyone can give him a home, let me know. I think he would make a great house chicken. I would be willing to send him off with a set of diapers for free to whom ever will give him a home.

    Bandit is located in Independence Oregon. I am willing to meet half way, or if not too far, drive him all the way.

    Breed: Silkie cochin cross (Great, great, great, so on grandparent was a cochin so he has the cochin comb)
    Has blue skin, smooth feathered (Partridge), with odd comb.

    Located: Independence, Oregon

    If interested, please email me:

    [​IMG] Bandit loves his folder he got at the vet!
    [​IMG] He knows he is handsome!

    [​IMG] He loves sitting on laps. He was helping me sew at night.

    ,[​IMG] At his first vet appointment. He made sure he had the best seat in the house.

    please email me:

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