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Could someone explain to me about the leg bands? What is on the leg band? Do I put what I want on the leg band or is it like a registration that I will be given a number? Can I pick my own color? Then I thought you put the band on the pigeon and it stayed on them for ever but I just saw bands in differrent sizes. Do you change the bands as they get bigger? Also could someone tell me where to get the bands? Thanks for your help.
No all info in on the bands when you get them. Different size for different breeds. You place band on when birds are around 10 days old, only way to take them off is cut them.

AU are racing bands and color has to do with that year,new color each year.

If the squeaker is older the foot is to large to get the band over, if to young the band will fall off. Need to keep checking just in case.

FOYS PIGEON SUPPLY to order bands.
It all depends, there are club bands, like the NPA, AU, ADA, NBRC, these are seamless. Then there are split and coil bands. Seamless bands must be put on, while the bird is still very young, and stays on the bird until it dies. Think of it as a "social security card" for your birds. For example, I have a Birmingham roller, with a leg band of "NBRC 07 1800." That means the band is from the national birmingham roller club, the "07" is the year he was born, and the 1800 is the ID number of the band. If you plan on showing your birds, you will need Seamless bands on them, unless the show allows for the birds to have a split band. As far as color, many clubs choose the color of the band for the year. But split bands are usually up to you, or what the supplier has on hand. Split band can be switched from bird to bird, and are good for marking hens from cocks(if you wish), or as tempoary ID's for your birds.


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