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    I feel such like an outlaw. Hello everyone I am new here. Awesome site. WHAT DO I DO???? Cops banned my chickens. They were in a coop in a cage only 4 and they were babies. I was going to start raising a few for the eggs. Town said no. Is it legal? How do I find out? What can be done? I am in Adams County. I need help they want to take everything from us. Whats the big deal they are in a coop in a cage in a privacy fenced backyard. CHICKEN LOVERS OUT THERE PLEASE HELP... And there are people all over this county in city limits that have chickens but I cant.. I call DISCRIMINATIOM!!!

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    I am new here, but each city has an ordinance regarding types of animals. You can get a petition going to change ordinance to allow a certain amount of chickens and ZERO Roos. It takes time and energy but worth fighting for. Go to County Ag dept, speak to them regarding reasons and then head to County commissioner to start process! You will need a flock of chicken lovers. Most people just move to country lol. Good luck!
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  5. Sorry to hear about your troubles but the police were likely just doing their job enforcing the law...

    You gave you location as Adam's County but failed to give a state... You should also disclose your property's zoning, as well as lot size, plus if you are in an incorporated municipality... All those details could have an effect on what laws are applicable...

    So if you provide the above someone might be able to point you in the direction of the laws that apply to you specifically....

    If chickens are outlawed in your area you can try and change the laws, but it's probably too late for your existing chickens and they will likely have to be re-homed or forfeited, as it can take years to get laws changed and since you likely already have neighbors that snitched on you are already facing an uphill battle and will probably face resistance to change the laws...
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    Hi and welcome to BYC. The "chicken laws and ordinances" forum may be a good place to post also.

    Good luck

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    Post on your state thread and see if others will rally round you to help. You can bet some neighbor felt compelled to turn you in.

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