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    We made these over the weekend and I have to share! (even though it's more of a vague idea that a real recipe...)
    It's a bannock pocket stuffed with scrambled eggs, finely diced onions, sausage crumble (spiced ground deer), crumbled bacon and sharp/old cheddar. Bannock is heavier, and kind of biscuit like in texture compared to bread if you've never had it.

    We cooked the Eggs, onions, sausage and bacon first and grated the cheese. We used old cheddar because it has a stronger flavour so you could use less and yet still taste it. The stuffing is really up to your taste and could be a mix of anything I think. We flattened the bannock out fairly thin, used a cereal bowl as cutter and made it into circles. place the stuffing mixture off to one side of the circle then fold it in half and pinch it together like a perogie. We baked them at 450'F for 10ish min until they were nicely browned.

    Basic bannock recipe:
    4cups flour
    3tbsp baking powder
    1tsp salt
    1/2cup oil
    2 cups milk
    Mix dry ingredients, add wet, stir together then kneed into dough... From there we've used it for many different things. These pockets, mini cinnamon buns, biscuit/buns and even pizza. You can make a large flat loaf out of it too which is the traditional way of doing it. The above recipe calls for baking at 450'F for 20min to make 4 larger flat loafs... We usually do 10ish for smaller biscuits ect.... What ever it takes to get that nice golden brown :)
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    Sounds yummy! Your picture is beautiful!
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    Made more pockets! This time we used leftover Christmas turkey to make stew as a filling. Drained off most of the liquid in the stews so they didn't turn out soggy.
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    I've never heard of a bannock...had to look it up. Where did the picture go?

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