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    Thought I would make this worldwide,please share on!

    It was maybe,mid march.Well,I wanted more chicks,because right now,I had none,only some dumb old pullets!

    I asked my grandparents and mom,and it was, sure situation.I then began asking the farm and home employees.They grabbed me,five or six ducklings,and 6 baby chicks.I was so excited,I didn't even wait for my mom to pay,shot right at the door,but sjrdid get to pay without yelling at me.When then went to the car.Argh just at the car...We had to turn the heat on,and drive smooth.This actually SUCKED!We arrived home and the dogs were soooo excited,of course I hurried and got a tub for them.They slept in a blue tub,until we got or horse trough inside.I ready for the ducks and.such on.I gently added the six chicks,one leg horn,one red sex link,and 3 production reds,and another red sex link.

    A few days later,we got more.Our adventure had begun oncevmore.I had saw one bird in particular that I never ever paid attention to,Banshee.....

    Let's skip to her long life story.She had a rough life,and had a tragedy.She was caught by a fox,had huge gashes,and is low in the pecking order...
    That's her storyline!

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