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    Aug 17, 2016
    We have a flock of 6 regular size chickens that are 2 years old. Early this spring we purchased 2 Bantam hens that we have introduce to the flock. I have witnessed the big hens doing the normal pecking order stuff but it seems to be getting worse. The big hens will pin down the Dutch Bantam (making her play dead) and take turns pecking her. We have 2 chicken houses and 2 feeding areas, they share a 3,000 square foot yard. The Dutch Bantam is twice the size of a robin so not very big and I am worried they will kill her. We also have 3 more Bantams to introduce in a couple months. Any suggestions? Should we separate them?

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    [​IMG] Birds in an established flock pick on new birds, and bigger birds pick on smaller birds - the chicken social structure can be quite cruel. When I have raised bantams and large birds together they generally coexist quite well. Introducing new birds has not gone so well. I would be concerned that they might kill your Dutch bantam.
  3. Yes, separation might be the best thing...A friend of mine never houses his Bantams with standard birds for that reason.
    Introducing new birds is always a challenge if your not used to chicken pecking order. I never introduce in small pens, I put them in and leave them to figure out the pecking order on their own. I currently have two bantam hens living with 9 standard mixed flock hens. They figured it out and get along fine.
    Try not to stress over it?? Chickens are mean to new flock members. As long as no blood is shed they will work it out themselves.
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    Aug 17, 2016
    Thank You!!
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    May 12, 2016
    That's funny because my Bantam Cochin is the Alpha hen in a mixed flock of two pullet RIRs and another Bantam Cochin. Of course the Bannies were there first, but they are half the size of my 18 week RIRs and they get chased around the yard all the time. [​IMG]

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