Bantam and Standard Hens together

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    Dec 29, 2016
    Hello- I am planning out my coop to start in about a month or so-

    My Kids want to do 4H with their Chickens and it was recommended to us to have them start with showing Bantams because they are easier for the younger kids to show ( my kids are 10 and 6). But I also want to have chickens for their egg production and we would like to have average sized eggs. Can the Bantams and Standard hens get a long in the same coop- especially if we get them has chicks together? No Roosters.

    Thanks for the help
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    Bantams are defiantly the way to go as far as 4H! We have a large (25 birds) flock of ranging size birds from large feather footed cochins to teeny beany oegb's! Getting them as chicks together seems to help but also just careful supervision/monitoring of their interactions is a good idea!

    And remember that just because a bird is small doesnt mean that they will lay a small egg! We have many birds that are bantams that lay quite a big egg and some big birds that lay surprisingly small eggs xD It all depends on the bird! :)
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    Yes, they most certainly can! [​IMG] I've raised standard sized birds with tiny bantams and had no trouble. As a matter of fact, usually what bantams lack in size, they make up for in attitude. [​IMG] I also keep bantams with older, territorial hens of all breeds, and I've never encountered any problems with that. I agree, just keep an eye on everything, and if you notice any picking, then you can plan accordingly.


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