Bantam Araucana's?

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    This is the photo in an ad for 'Bantam Trio of AraAraucana's"

    Are they bantam sized birds? Will they lay smaller eggs? Think they are just Easter egger mixed breeds?

    Tks in advance.
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    Aug 14, 2011
    theres no pic.
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    Most look like EEs. the Mottled looking ones look ancona but have feathered feet. I say there mottled cochins and EEs. the black ones could be mixes also . there are alot of differnt birds in that pic. There all barnyard mixs most likely. the Mottle ones all look like roos except for the two in the back. i c 4 female EEs one male EE. the two all black ones look female but hard to tell. Im still going with mix breeds seeing how there all mixed together. and they look bantam. soo eggs would be small. but cant tell u color. the ees could lay mixed color. but most likely ull get mostly brown eggs from these birds

    heres the pic

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