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Mar 15, 2021
This is my first post, but I feel like I've been part of many threads, some from like 10 years ago or more, lol. I'm not new to chickens, but I am new to bantams! I finally talked my SO into helping me construct a little Bantam Village so that they can be more protected than our free rangers, which do just fine but are all LF and some are kinda mean too :lol:
Anyways, I hope this post looks alright! Enjoy my babes!

This is the first "Frizzle" bin chick, although I've lost pretty much all hope for either of them actually being frizzled. Maybe a Gold Laced cockerel? I'm not specifically asking for gender on any of these chicks, they're only about 3/4 weeks old, just that the "pattern looks male to me" if that makes sense.

F3D886BC-A48F-463A-872D-386209696E84.jpeg 95F099B6-CD8B-4C7D-AEA7-32F096063E83.jpeg A9760250-97FE-43F5-B448-1C8858A7F5C6.jpeg

This one is a silkie, I thought they were all Buff when I bought them, but it looks like they're getting some partridge pattern in there!
36FE614C-7C1D-4285-BD60-2A6D5A4FB1F5.jpeg 972729CC-0A1F-4373-A5F7-5050B7E09796.jpeg C9128565-C23D-474F-A707-65F587FC4A0F.jpeg

Here's the first bantam cochin that seems to be getting some calico type pattern! I adore them and this was definitely a pleasant surprise.
E1844B1C-7FB5-4BE6-B2BC-B1C328A7A159.jpeg 2E46322A-E962-4B76-AD4C-AD7D4BD71B70.jpeg

Here's the second of the possible calicos
606AA360-67F8-43B2-A532-5E8E6704B904.jpeg CD7424CA-3C86-40E9-B7B3-1352041C6632.jpeg

This one is the other Frizzle Bin baby, although she's also smooth feathered. Through exhaustive research (lol) I think she's Silver Penciled?? (Feel free to correct me!)
I have 2 Dark Brahma hens that she resembles at the same age.

276F43CF-1AA0-4BE7-B481-1D68C55AEDA1.jpeg E283A7D6-6A43-4B79-9967-0A95A907A745.jpeg

Another Silkie baby, this one is the lightest of the three, I believe.

E0071DC3-ECC0-470E-844A-3C7DE3042806.jpeg 2012D395-9184-4183-83C7-68C6253BFFF2.jpeg

Another Calico? (happy tears)

DF986771-117C-429D-A5A4-A09D13D0E9FF.jpeg 12E1FD0A-73B2-415C-9C76-5C126D1D5B6F.jpeg

The one black (?) silkie, so precious.

AD8B37CF-3B9F-49ED-99B3-04E6D465F976.jpeg C7568345-70F6-4B64-9F3B-ED213E3F50B8.jpeg

This one holds it's wings a bit differently? Another calico-type

F6F86C01-3CBD-4474-8E65-4F0CC2E6E260.jpeg 14FCB87A-AF68-4567-9940-FEBB1A03373A.jpeg

THAT LOOK lol, strong feelings we have a cockerel here.

8A4298E7-4330-4056-A6D2-395D8C66F444.jpeg C3E597D7-60F5-4A34-B024-FD22841F4C9D.jpeg 27E8F19D-1793-4538-8C19-F32B4CD370EA.jpeg

This is the lightest of the bantam cochin crew, although I think it' still buff.

D5BAFD79-FBF0-40E9-AA93-2CFC2B8445BB.jpeg 3EBED9D9-99C6-4FFA-BFD1-18567D1E1A98.jpeg 666D66A9-EB4D-4989-889B-EA14EEFAEFAD.jpeg


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