bantam BLRW~ Buff Brahmas and large Fowl Non standard colored Ameraucana chicks~ California


Apr 20, 2010
Sierra foothills, California
I have available (10) 2+ week old (unsexed) LF non standard colored Ameraucana chicks (EE) in white, buff and wheaten colors. They are a cross of my pure buff x blue wheaten Ameraucanas and will lay blue eggs.

Also available are (3) 2+ week old (unsexed) bantam BLRW chicks (2 splash, 1 blue) and (4) 3+ week old (unsexed) bantam buff Brahma chicks. Both bantam breeds are from show winning lines.

All chicks are $8.00 dollars each. Local pick-up only in Grass Valley, California.

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