Bantam BLRW pair, pet quality

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    Mar 29, 2008
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    Hatched later on this spring. Pullet is nearing point of lay. Cockerel is not crowing yet. Pullet has light legs, cockerel has light ear lobes. He is dark blue. They came from JamesA and I didn't get their lineage info before he dropped off the forum. I was supposed to get LF BLRW eggs and hatched these out insted, LOL. By the time they incubated, hatched, brooded, then started to lag behind and turn out to be bantam, I had lost contact with the breeder. Anyone with info on the origin of his BLRW bantam flock, PLEASE let me know where his birds came from. I am holding back a few pullets and a couple roos that are very nice. I'd love to know where he got them from. Thanks for looking.
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