Bantam breed that need breeders?

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  1. miss heny

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    Curiousity kills the cat here, and also a desire to know for future ideas I would like to know what RECONIZED bantam breeds have few or very little breeders for SQ birds?
  2. PeepersMama

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    Hmmmmm... recognized makes it a bit harder to give you ideas. The first breed in my head was pyncheons, but they have yet to be recognized [​IMG] Here comes a list:
    The last three are known for being difficult for beginning breeders due to their complicated genetics, just so ya know. The Dutch are probably my favorite on this list; I want one SOOOO bad!!!
    There's also phoenix bantams and modern games. Modern games are classified as "critical" by the livestock conservancy, but are fairly common where I live. Phoenix are rare but very popular.
    Have fun!

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