Bantam Buff Brahma chicks?

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Dec 7, 2014
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Hi all! I’m pretty sure that one of these chicks (Chick #2, with the lighter wings are reddish head) is a buff brahma. It was the largest chick of the 18 day-old bantams we got, and the coloring seemed to match pics online of a buff Brahma.

As they start to get feathers, Chick #1 is looking more like Chick #2. Originally I thought Chick #1 might be a golden-laced Cochin. Are they both Bantam Buff Brahmas?

Chick #1, 3 days old:

Chick #2, 3 days old:
CF237F15-99EE-4CF4-A780-A2C6CE645756.jpeg B2E6B321-A4A7-447E-A437-005C98AAA649.jpeg

Chick #1 (left) and Chick #2 (right), 8 days old.


Thank you!

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Jun 9, 2017
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You got it! Thanks! I’ve looked at the articles and my books on comb styles, and of course in a hen I can see the difference between a single and pea comb. On these little ones I don’t see how to tell a pea comb from an undeveloped single comb - any tips?

Chick 2:
View attachment 1321593

Chick 1:
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Also Chick 1:
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And Chick 2 again:
View attachment 1321596
Usually, single combs have spikes, and I don't see any, so these appear to be Brahmas.


Oct 1, 2017
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Look like Buff Brahmas to me. Watch for dark orange patches on the shoulders, this indicates cockerels.

Is that true?! I have a pair that are 2 weeks old and everything I've read says they're hard to sex- but they are starting to develop real feathers and I'd be interested to see if that does happen. I have a sneaking suspicion that I have a male and a female just based on the differences in feathering.

(*Edited to add that mine are not bantams, though I'm also not positive they are full sized, since I think they look small for 2 weeks.)

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