Bantam Buff Cochin Quad ~ inclueds 1 Buff Frizzle Hen


9 Years
Apr 11, 2010
Mooresville, IN
Quad of Bantam Buff Cochins for sale. With the new baby and having no time I have desided to cut WAY WAY back on our chickens and am keeping only a handful of birds so this quad is up for sale. My loss your gain. Rooster and 1 hen is a year old and came from Tom Roebuck earlier this year, 1 Hen is 2yrs old, and the last hen is a yr old frizzle that is in a horrible molt right now.. poor girl. lol Molted her front half a few months back and is now molting her back half now. lol. Have produced lots of NICE chicks in smooth and frizzled. Hate to let these guys go but need to right now.

Shipping inclueds 2 used horizon boxes tapped togeather, shavings, fruit, and actul shipping.

Will ship on monday if paid for by Monday morning.


Mr. Ree

12 Years
Feb 7, 2007
South Central, KY
I so wish I could afford these birds. I have been looking for good Buffs for along time, and even longer for any decent Buff Frizzles. I live close enough to pick them up as well, just short on funds right now. Very gorgeous birds! Congrats to whomever gets these.


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