bantam chick 3-5 days with legs straight out in front??

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    I have one little bantam chick with his legs sticking straight out in front of him and to the side. I'm not sure what to do with him. Does anyone know what the cause of this is? I'd really like to save him if possible and am no newbie to the world of chickens. I used a bandaid to keep his legs in the correct position and not to the side but they still stick out in the front and he ends up sitting on his butt. I have also given electrolyte water and medicated food. When I first brought him home he would not eat or drink. Force fed him once and seemed to do the trick but now he's back to sleeping all the time again. He has a hard time waddling around with the rest and seems to be less inclined now. Any suggestions??
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    Get vitamins and electrolytes (SaveAChick) to put in his water. Dip his beak into the water several times an hour, and give him time to swallow. Offer him chick crumbles, and they may need to be ground finer or water added at first. It could be a neurological problem from birth, but you can try making him a chick chair to get him upright so he can use his legs.

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