Bantam chick is lethargic UPDATE, CHICK DIED LAST NIGHT :(


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Apr 27, 2011
NW Missouri
I got these 4 week old bantam chicks yesterday and they all seemed fine except today one of them looks all fluffed up and seems to be lethargic, I separated it from the others and put it in a cardboard box with a heat light and its still lethargic. It seems to have had diarrhea under itself and is just sitting in the same spot, sometimes it shifts a little but its pretty much just sitting there.

I tried to get it to drink and it wont even drink, has no interest in food.

I got them at a swap meet yesterday and it was pretty hot and they didnt have water in the cage they were selling them out of but when I got them home they drank and drank but the rest are doing just fine

What gives?
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Sounds like cocci. I would treat all of them with Corid 9.6% liquid solution or Corid 20% soluable powder. Either can be purchased at your feedstore in the cattle section. Dosage for the 9.6% liquid solution is 9.5cc per gallon of water for 5 days.
The 20% soluable powder is 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of water for 5 days.
For both products, make the solutions fresh daily and do not add anything else to the solutions such as electrolytes, ACV etc... Finish treating up to and including the 5th day.
Edited to add: For the one that isnt drinking, use an eyedropper to force the solution into her mouth, but try to let her swallow it on her own once you introduce it. Do this for 3-4 times a day, each day til she recovers and is able to drink on her own.
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Will this chick die? I wont be able to get the meds till tomorrow

the other ones are running all over and acting OK, weird.
A temporary fix would be to sprinkle powdered milk in her feed, til you get the corid. The problem is getting her to eat it. There are no guarantees. Good luck.
The chick got more and more lethargic last night, I tried to give it powdered milk last night and it laid in the water and milk mix and went to sleep so I moved it out, after moving it out it laid under the heat light until it went to sleep and passed away in its sleep

Pretty sad, did not have a real attachment to it since I just got them two days ago but it was my only feather legged bantam
I FINALLY got the Corid delivered today since nobody locally had it. I have been giving the one weak chick powdered milk and it seems about the same as it has been, it is still eating and drinking just seems lethargic. I hope this works, it got up and started drinking right after I put the water in there with the Corid. Now tomorrow I have to go out to the other bantams and give them all the Corid water for 5 days to just in case.

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