Bantam chick with leg injury

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    Feb 20, 2009
    Sorry no picture but I can work on that if it would help.

    I have a 5 day old bantam chick who arrived with my other chicks. She lifts her left leg up all the time. Nothing is broken in her leg as far as I can tell and she has put some weight on it but doesn't seem to have control of her foot. We tried taping it flat for a few days but she just hops around with it up anyway and it effected her balance more taped up. Eating, drinking and pooping fine...not even any pasty butt. We are using puppy pee pads as bedding. I was wondering if it was just injured in shipping or one of the others peeked at her little pink toes? Ideas of what to do or just leave it and see how it goes?

    Thanks. She is so cute and the only one of her breed that I have. Her injury doesn't even distress her unless one of the larger chicks runs her over by mistake. No-one is picking on her and they even seem to have taken her under their wing, no pun intended [​IMG]
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    No help but sorry maybe its just sore and will be better soon.

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