Bantam chicken died without any signs


Oct 25, 2021
I am heartbroken.

My beloved frizzle bantam died today without any sign. I let all of my chickens out of the coop and into the run in the early morning. Then my husband lets them out of the run and into our large yard to free range by around 10.

This morning, all went as normal until my husband opened the run door, to find Dottie had passed away mysteriously.
She was only 7 months old.

She had no health symptoms that would indicate the cause of her death. Her feathers were looking good, she had an appetite, she was hanging out with other chickens, her comb was red, she was walking normally and eating normally. I did notice that she had been taking longer than usual in the laying box to lay an egg.

I cleaned out the coop, disinfected all the water/food bowls, and checked all of my other chickens out really signs of any stomach/digestive upset or respiratory problems.

We did check her body out to look for wounds or infection, and didn't find anything. There was some poop on her bum feathers around her vent, but it seemed normal (and seemed like a process of death)....she was a frizzle after all and sometimes got herself a little dirty, but never very much. We did feel her belly and inside vent, and could defintely feel an egg inside of her, but again, we didn't notice her walking different/not eating/lethargy over the past days or anything that might indicate egg binding.....but still, it's my only guess! Do bantams have a problem with egg binding?

I am so distraught and would appreciate any help or advice!

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