Bantam Chickens for free in Cincinnati Ohio

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    Nov 5, 2008
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Long story short, on the urging of a friend of a friend I went to house to look at a goat they were giving away. When I got there I found a very small goat living amongst garbage & feces on a back enclosed porch. Couldn't get a straight answer on where the goat came from, how long they had him, or how old he was. Needless to say I took him in & am trying to nurse him back to health. I currently have a thread on him at the backyard herds forum. Anyhow, the owner also tried to get me to take his chickens. On the phone he told me he had three but all I saw in the yard was a medium size wire dog cage with 2 small bantam chickens in it. There was a piece of plastic about the size of a notebook piece of paper that I guess was supposed to be their shelter. They only has a water bowl, no food, & the only reason I think it had water in it was because it was raining. The chickens were crouched together in a corner trying to stay warm. Ohio has had colder than normal temps this month with about a week of rain so I know they were miserable. I have 60 chickens right now & can't personally save them. I just don't have anywhere to put them. The goat alone cost me $70 at the vet, he has a distended rectum, hookworms, & lice. If someone out there is in the vicinity please be the angel to these chickens & I will give you the number of the people to arrange go get them. Not sure what kind they are. They looked to have black bodies with white around their heads.

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