Bantam Chocolate Cochin Project Pair **AUCTION**


Fancy Banties
11 Years
May 8, 2008
Sharpsburg, MD.
F1 Chocolate 1.5 yr. old hen that lays a lot of medium sized eggs. (very large for her size) If you are unfamiliar with English bantam orps, they are very large bantams... so this hen has a bit of size to her and the outcross has also improved vigor and fullness of type along with egg size. They still needs lots of fluff but, I am very happy so far.

The male is an F2 (3/4 cochin and 1/4 orp) split chocolate cockerel who is about 8 months old. He's guaranteed fertile and ready to breed. You will get both blacks and chocolates from the mating.

Select your best chocolate male to put back onto the hen and any chocolate pullets for 100% choc. You could also continue to improve the type by putting a chocolate male back to black or black mottled bantam cochin to go for either chocs or choc mottled.

Auction ends on Sunday night at 10pm. Higest bidder wins pair and pays for shipping ($60) anywhere in the continental US)
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