Bantam Cochin Blue and Black Flock Reduction Georgetown, OH 45121


11 Years
Oct 22, 2008
Georgetown, Ohio
My Coop
My Coop
I have decided to sell off all my solid colors. I am now focusing on the mottleds and splashes. I will be posting what I have on my website under available birds. There are several blues and some blacks. These are some of my best that I was going to keep for next year's breeding, but I need to downsize because I am outgrowing my space. This is a chance to get some VERY nice birds. I can ship or meet at the Lucasville OH show this weekend. If I don't sell them here they will be going to the show, but I thought I would give the BYC'ers first shot


Suburban Cochins
10 Years
Aug 11, 2009
Taunton, MA
My grandfarthers cockeral just broke his leg. It is an absolutly beautiful black male. If it doenst make it, wich i hope it does, how much does it cost to ship one black cockeral and how much for him?
Ill let you know if he dies );

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