Bantam Cochin Blue/blk/splash hatching eggs, 12+

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    Black bantam Cochin over hens in blue, blue birchen, blue Mottled and splash
    Shipping included in price

    This is a buy it now but you can hold a date as long as it is not taken.

    Photos say it all. Beautiful type on the gentlemen and his ladies. Color is a plus!
    This pet project pen gives me fabulous offspring to use in my Frizzle pens but now these eggs are offered for sale so you, too, can have gorgeous backyard pets!

    As with any shipped eggs there are no guarantees once the box goes to the PO. I have no control on the treatment of the box once it leaves my hands regardless of other shipped eggs you have received from others. I set eggs from the same flocks before as well as at the same time you receive yours so I am checking hatching rates here constantly. All eggs are bubble wrapped and placed in a Priority box lined inside with layers of more bubble wrap for a safe trip. A tracking number is given to buyer.
    Shipping only in the US.
    Payment via PayPal. PM me for details, please.

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    How much for 12 eggs

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