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Bantam Cochin chicks - MD (pick up only)

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Auction - Archives' started by TurtleFeathers, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. TurtleFeathers

    TurtleFeathers Fear the Turtle!

    Jan 9, 2009
    By the Chesapeake Bay
    I have 6 bantam cochin chicks that hatched on January 25 - appear to be 2 blues and 4 blacks.

    These eggs came from a mixed color pen that include a black frizzled cockerel over smooth feathered buff, silver laced, and (what I believe may be) silver pencilled pullets who just reached laying age. They are the only birds I've seen breeding in this pen, but there are also other cockerels and pullets in with them that are alittle younger, but I don't *think* they're mature enough to reproduce yet (but you never know!) - they are all smooth feathered, in black and blue mottled, visual lavender and black split to lavender, splash, and (what I believe may be) lemon blue.

    These are the first eggs I've collected and incubated from this pen, so once feathers start popping out, I have no idea what color they will be! The black frizzled cockerel originally came from Tractor Supply, so I have no idea about anything from his background. The rest of my bantam cochins all come from private breeders who keep their birds penned by color.

    I'm in southern MD, and these chicks are for PICK UP ONLY!!! I can meet you within a reasonable distance tho if necessary. They're $3.00 each or buy 5 and get the 6th one free! (cash only) If you're interested in singles, please don't click "buy it now" - just PM me so that this ad stays up for the rest of the chicks for the full 7 days.

    ETA: I've had several PM's asking about these babies, and instead of trying to coordinate who wrote first, who wants which/how many chicks, and who is available to pick up first, I've decided to rely on the Buy It Now button above - so feel free to click it if you want all 6 of them for $15!!! And I'm sorry, but I may have had the colors wrong above - a friend visited this morning and told me I may have 2 blacks, 2 dark blues and 2 lighter blues here!

    Here is a pic of the very first chick to hatch - some of the rest of my birds can be seen on my photo website at http://www.krsimages.com under "The Flock". Email or PM me with any questions!


    Thanks for looking!
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