Bantam Cochin Cockerels - 7 weeks old - Smooth and Frizzled - Southern California

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    Update on 3/20/2012: SOLD

    We can only keep hens where we live, and since bantams can not be sorted by gender at day old, we end up with both males and females until we can tell them apart, which is usually around this age. Pet Quality Cockerels are available.

    Color Varieties available:
    1 Black
    1 Splash
    2 Blue
    1 Silver Laced
    1 Red Frizzle
    1 White Frizzle

    • These chicks are only 7 weeks old. However, they are feathered out enough to be off heat and their mama hen is no longer mothering them.
    • All chicks were vaccinated against Merek's Disease.
    • These chicks are bantams.
    • They are fed organic feed from Modesto Milling.
    • Please have a safe secure coop or home for them prior to coming to pick up the chicks.
    • Due to my experience with this breed, I am almost positive these are males.
    • They have been handled daily, and raised around kids, a dog, and a cat. They are kept in a coop and run most of the day, but they also get a few hours each day to forage in my organic garden.
    • If you would like to see more pictures, please visit my blog,, for pictures as day old chicks, pictures from last Sunday, and pictures of my other cochins.

    Local Pick up only, no shipping. Thanks
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