Bantam cochin cockerels for sale (western NC)

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    I hatched 7 cockerels out of 13. Oy. All appear that they will be black at this point, although they are about a month old so they still have white in them at this point. They have NOT been handled a lot as I've had a hard time bending down to get them out of the brooder, not to mention chasing them down in there. ;-) My cochins (especially boys) do not get their full growth and fluff, etc. as well as go completely solid until they are grown and had their adult molt.

    I want good homes for these guys. If I didn't have a baby coming, I'd be growing them out, letting the kids show some and putting the rest on eggbid in a few months. I may do that, anyway, if I cannot find great homes for them. These guys come from good quality lines and have fantastic foot feathers. They look like they stepped on a feather duster and kept on walking. hehe I'm not promising show winners or even show birds, but they should at least be great breeder quality. They are not hatchery birds and are not from hatchery stock. They come from a flock of black and blue cochins, but again, I am pretty sure all of these are black.

    Located in western NC. Asking $5 each. Pick up only, no shipping.

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