Bantam Cochin Cockerels for sale

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    I currently have 4 Bantam Cochin cockerels left over from my Spring and Summer hatches. These boys all hatched at the same time. I have 3 Blues, and 1 White. White cockerel's dad is SQ and is gorgeous, and came from Miss_Jayne's line, and this boy looks JUST like his dad. His mother is a White Frizzled Cochin, so he carries the Frizzle gene. His mom (Q-Tip) is one of the nicest looking Frizzled Cochins I've ever seen. The 3 Blue boys are beautiful and I could see them doing very well in show next year. All 4 boys have wonderful foot feathering and have that beautiful, full round fluffy butt that I find so endearing about Cochins. All 4 boys are handled frequently and are very good natured. I just have no place for them once they reach sexual maturity. They hatched June 7th of this year.


    Edited to add: This picture here, it was taken in August, so they are even fuller and more gorgeous now.
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