Bantam Cochin Cockerels/Pullets and JG/BLR Wyandotte Cockerels

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    Mar 27, 2008
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    I have been hatching like crazy and have lots of little cockerels to get rid of... and a few pullets.

    I just cannot remember when everyone hatched but I have several different batches of chicks between 4-8 weeks old...

    My cockerel is a mille fleur project bantam cochin over a red frizzled bantam cochin hen and several mille fleur project pullets which resulted in several frizzled chicks and some smooth feathered chicks.

    I also have a few cockerels from a Jersey Giant/BLR Wyandotte cross.

    I will try to post pictures tomorrow...

    Pickup only please. I am in Ventura County, CA
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