Bantam cochin cockerels to great homes! (NC)

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    I have two young cockerels to give away to GREAT homes. You don't have to take them both. One is buff and is maybe a month or two old. Off the light.

    The other is black and probably about 4 months old. He's going to be a lovely one!

    Would like to see these go to a person that will enjoy them, spoil them and give them plenty of space and care.

    The black one, especially, will probably fill out lovely and might make a good show bird for Youth of 4-H. He has not been handled a lot (nor has the buff) so will need handling to make him/them more calm and pettable.

    These are not for eating or fighting.

    Pick up only in Western NC. No shipping. Sorry!

    Here's a pic of the black boy. Look at those foot feathers and that fluff! Wow! He is solid black except for molting out his white baby feathers, the sun and flash washed him out.
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