Bantam cochin frizzles - Mid-TN sweets and treats!

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    I have some absolutely adorable 3-week-old bantam cochin frizzles in various colors - - black, cuckoo/barred, blue, splash - - and various feather types, some expressing the frizzle gene, some smooth, and one who looks like Charlie Sheen in Major League with his silkie-ish Mohawk. All are unbelievably cute, all are sweet, friendly and the most easy-going chickens you can imagine. Great yard candy, great pets, great companions. They are from eggs I got from Dipsy Doodle Doo, whom I highly recommend for those purchasing eggs.

    You could try a frizzle cockerel with your bantam cochin hens and start your own Frizzle Empire of tiny, adorable chickens. [​IMG] (Remember, to get more frizzles you will breed a frizzle feathered bird to a smooth feathered one, so a frizzle roo is perfect with your smooth feathered hens.)

    I do not ship, but for those in Middle Tennessee I may be able to arrange pickup within a half hour of Donelson or East Nashville.

    *** For those going to the Cookeville Poultry Show on Saturday, April 4, if you contact me before 0800 Central on Saturday I can arrange to bring desired chicks to the show. Remember to bring a box and be prepared to keep them warm for a few weeks until they feather out completely. I recommend keeping with other bantams, and not to free-range since they are just little fellers. **

    Chicks are $2.50 each - - Paypal prior or cash at pickup - - all proceeds will be matched by me and donated to Heifer International to fund livestock purchases for poor farmers around the world.

    Here are just a few of the chicks I have available - -

    Early-feathering bantam blue frizzle, probably cockerel?

    Beautifully-colored smooth splash chick carrying frizzle gene - - gender ??

    Likely a lemon-blue frizzle chick - - gender ??

    Lovely pair of cuckoo/barred chicks - - smooth pullet and frizzled cockerel

    Thanks for looking!
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