Bantam Cochin Hatching Eggs!

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10 Years
Jan 28, 2009
(south West) Virginia
I will be taking orders for my bantam cochin hatching eggs
pictures of my birds can be seem at my website
I have mottled, lavenders(self blue)hens covered by a split black roo (chicks will be 50% lav 50% black) Also a white hen covered by a white frizzle roo.

shipping Included in totals, includes confirmation
12+ mixture of all $25
6+ Lav $20
6+ mottled $20
These will include extras, I can throw in eggs from the white/frizzles if any are laid no extra charge.

First come first served, Please Post sold paypal is [email protected] I also take money orders, I will start collecting when I receive the money order
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