Bantam Cochin hens - 11 hens - East TN Knoxville area

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    11 bantam cochin hens available

    multiple colors

    1 partridge
    1 lavender
    3 black
    1 black/gold
    1 red
    1 barred
    2 frizzles (1 white, 1 black)
    1 mille fleur project (looks like a buff/partridge cross)

    Prefer to sell as 1 group.....will break into smaller groups if necessary $10 per hen if sold individually....$100 as group of 11.

    Must pickup in Lenoir City or West Knoxville, TN.

    Additional "mixed" color hens/pullets available

    Pix available on request. All are hatchery quality. Partridge and Lavender are teeny tiny ladies. All are currently weathering winter temps with no heat lamp. Free range in 1/2 acre fenced yard during day and locked in secure shed at night.
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