Bantam cochin hens Black and a Brown Red -- Colorado

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    [​IMG]The black pullet was hatched Spring 09, has great body type, would make a wonderful 4-H bird but not yet laying. Well socialized, she's a little talker. Her origins are from the cochins at Windchyme Silkies in CA.
    The brown red hen is a tremendous mother, she's raised about 40 chicks in the last 2 years. In fact she has 3 splash silkie babies under her now who go with her. One baby is dark splash, one very light and 3rd is a just right in between. The chicks are from the splash roo & hens in this group[​IMG][​IMG] (here she is with others she raised)She has striking coloring, but is pet quality and 2 years old. Extremely friendly, good forager.
    I am putting them up only due to space for breeding my buff/splash silkies and mille fleur cochins. Due to weather, the Brown Red hen is only available locally as the chicks accompany her. The black pullet is available locally or to a neighboring state (NE, NM, UT, WY, KS) to ensure overnight shipping Shipping is based on temps in each location and the safety of the birds.
    Paypal only : [email protected] sale
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