Bantam cochin pair black

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    Jan 29, 2010
    7 week old black bantam cochin pair. 1 cockerel and 1 pullet. These are out of mix color cochins. Our rooster is a smooth feather, mostly white with some dark tail feathers. The possible hens are smooth feather blue, frizzle buff, frizzle red/partridge, or smooth feather mottled. I do not know which hen these eggs came from. The birds are pure cochin, just mixed color. This pair is still in the brooder room, but off their heat lamp. Pick up in Illinois zip code 61102. Cash at pick up.



    [​IMG] pullet

    I know these pictures are not the best. These guys would not cooperate at all. I will get better pics if needed. Good feathering on legs, proper toes.

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