Bantam Cochin Pair- Blue Frizzle Rooster and Black/Blue Pullet~PA


12 Years
Sep 19, 2007
I have a pair of bantam cochins for sale. The rooster is about 2 and is blue mottled and frizzled. He has produced lots of chicks for me. The pullet is dark blue/black. I am trying to make a little room, and am keeping some of my frizzle pullets, so I don't need this cute little guy.

I would prefer pick up, though I may be able to ship if someone wants to pay for it, and be patient while I figure out how. I've recieved birds, but never sent any before.

Please email with questions as some times I have a hard time keeping up with Pm's.

For some reason the photo didn't show up...
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Ah ha. I think you're right, I did. How do I go back and fix it? When I hit "edit" it only lets me edit the message section. (I'm listing challanged, guess I should have used the test section first!)

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