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    Red bantam Cochins
    One dozen hatching eggs from 2 breeding pens.
    Price includes shipping!

    These charming balls of feathers make excellent backyard pets, lay enough eggs for breakfast
    and can brood, hatch and raise their own chicks.
    Fabulous 4H birds since they are small enough and gentle for children to handle.
    My birds live in mobile tractors so they can have fresh ground and grass to stay happy and healthy.

    Eggs are collected for 4 days before shipping and any extras they lay will be included.
    Eggs are bubble wrapped individually and placed inside a USPS Priority box
    lined with bubble wrap(maybe some packing peanuts, too) and a tracking number is sent to buyer when they go out to the PO.
    Please PM me for PayPal info. I prefer shipping on Tuesdays each week but can accommodate most people.
    My status and reviews speak for themselves for my history of selling eggs here on BYC.
    Thank you for looking and I hope I can be of service to you.
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    I wish!

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