Bantam Cochin Roo

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    Nov 3, 2010
    This is a bantam cochin roo. He is great with his girls, very gentle with them. Does not bother people. Just dances around to let you know when he is aggravated but have never had him come after me or anyone else. Keeps a very watchful eye over all his ladies and chases off any dogs or cats that he believes are a threat. If the animal leaves his flock alone, he will leave them alone. The only reason I am willing to let him go is because I do not have any other cochins and I am trying to get down to where all I have is silkie roos. He was given to me by a friend who could not keep him because she lived in the city. His comb does have some damage from frostbite this year but it does not affect him in any way. Free ranges daily and always makes sure his hens get in before he does and if one is missing or leaves he will go back out and get them.
    If you would like a different picture just let me know and I will get more.
    Shipping will be 55.00 dollars and that includes the price of the box. Can be picked up locally or can be delivered at a lower cost if not to far away.
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