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Aug 26, 2019
Do Bantam Cochin cockerals/roos tend to be rapey, or more gentle with the ladies? My flock are all 6 weeks and under, but I possibly have 2 Lav Orp roos, 1 Speckled Sussex roo (super obvious at 3 weeks - will likely rehome), and a Bantam Cochin roo with 24 hens. Will my ratio be ok if I only rehome the SS? TIA!


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Apr 9, 2016
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Hi there, welcome to BYC! :frow

Whether or not your ratio will be okay depends on individual dynamics which can vary regardless of size or breed or even nutrition or how much space is given. All you can really do is try and see. Switch it up if it isn't working. My large fowl and bantam hens both prefer a large fowl rooster given the choice. And I only keep them for eating or breeding so won't allow a bantam roo to ride hens who refuse to squat for him as a pet. It may not be the same for you or your flock or your goals for your flock. Some of my biggest jerks have come in bantam size, and some of my best boys from a so called fighting breed. It could work out as you hope.

Rape is a human thing same as incest... it's just mating and inbreeding in the animal kingdom. Though I have had that same type of thought :oops: and quickly learned that a ROOSTER with manners is much different than a hormone enraged teenage idiot who needs to spread his seed. Cockerels aren't actually criminals they are just learning to conduct themselves in these confined spaces and huge flocks we've created for them. ;)

One thing that's important to remember is animals communicate differently than people. Mounting behavior is part of the pecking order in many species including fowl (makes me wonder about humans now). You will even see females or males mount the same gender and it isn't to spread their seed or as a sexual encounter but 100% to dominate.

My boys all get to grow out in a pen with each other until their hormones are a bit more managed and I can see other qualities before any get access to the ladies. I like to allow the ladies time to mature in peace if possible since the boys are always ready before the gals.

Best wishes with your flock! :fl

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